Did Your Bank Call You This Week To Tell You That You Can Save $7,000 On Your Mortgage?

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Did Your Bank Call You This Week To Tell You That You Can Save $7,000 On Your Mortgage?

A few weeks ago the amazing rates that recently disappeared have came back in the picture. A 5 year fixed rate of 2.99%, a 5 year variable of 2.35% and a 3 year fixed for 2.59% are some of the choices that have recently been reintroduced for you. What does this mean in terms of saving you money?

Our calculation is quite simple. All those of you, who have 2-3 years remaining on their term with a rate of 3% and higher, have a significant saving potential.

These days we contact all of our clients that may have the potential to go to another lender and save. We then choose the better way for them to enjoy this saving, whether by reducing the monthly payment or by cutting off years of payments. When we calculate the feasibility of this move we take into consideration all transitioning costs, including lawyer’s fees, pre-payment options, penalty, and appraisal fees. We recommend shifting to a new lender and program only if it really works to your benefit.

Alex is only one of several clients who feel lucky today. In December 2011, Alex took a $440,111 mortgage with a rate of 3.29%, which was very good then. Alex got a call from us three weeks ago and decided to go on with optimizing his mortgage. After getting a variable rate of 2.35% and paying off his penalty and solicitor’s fees, Alex saved $7656. Alex chose to keep the same monthly payment and by that he cut four years off of his mortgage. He had the option of reducing his monthly payment by $202, but chose against it.

This is only one example of what we call “Proactive Mortgage Management”.  Your financial prosperity is our pleasure, motivation and business success. Your entire mortgage is structured so that if the time comes to optimize it, we can save you money during the term, not only every 5 years. You are able to pay off your mortgage faster by optimizing it and figuring out more flexible payment options from the start.

The real saving, contrary to common knowledge, would not arise from the best rate in the day you took your mortgage. It is a result of best mortgage package (starting with best rate) that will allow you to shift as fast as you can to a better program when the time comes.

We take care of creating this flexibility when we choose your initial mortgage provider. Your saving will happen ALONG the term and it depends on the flexibility we’ll create for you at your starting point. Then, during your 5 years contract, you’ll get your call. Once the opportunity presents itself we have to act fast and efficiently. We’ll notify you and if you choose to go for it, we’ll act immediately to save you money.

Only a mortgage consultant that has access to 40 plus banks and lending institutions and monitors 600 plus lending programs daily will be able to recognize the opportunity that is relevant for you to save money. What are the chances that your bank would call you to tell you that if you paid your penalty, across the road there is a chance to save $7000 with a competing bank? Slim to none. There is no reason that your money will continue to benefit the bank while it can go back to your pocket.  Call us to hear how Proactive Mortgage Management can work for you now!

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