Purchasing A House In Canada

Looking for a House – MLS Listing

Looking for a house in Canada is done by using MLS listing. realtor.ca has more than 95% of the listings on the market in Canada. The details of each property, such as the house’s size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and photos of the property will be in this system. In Canada you usually won’t purchase directly from the seller. Although owners will sometimes publicize and sell their own house, most owners in Canada will use a realtor, with their access to all of the market data, to sell their home.

What Is Included in a Canadian House?

Typically, when you purchase a Canadian house, it comes with everything that is attached to the house: the cabinets, the heaters and radiators, the air conditioning, light fixtures, blinds, carpets, curtains, shelving, and large appliances like the refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. If the house happens to have a storage shed in the backyard, a tree house, or play equipment that is fixed to the ground, those will typically be included as well.

Why a Realtor?

It’s standard in Canada to use a realtor when either buying or selling a home. A seller’s realtor would typically prefer to talk to a buyer’s realtor, as opposed to the buyers themselves. If you choose not to use a realtor, it’s possible that you will not be taken seriously by the seller’s realtors. Furthermore, there are several good reasons to use a realtor when purchasing a house in North America. Read More>>

What is the Process for Getting a Mortgage, and How Do I Start?

If we were to make one recommendation based on experience, it would be: take care of your mortgage before you ever look at the first house. In today’s hot market, buying certain properties could require you to enter a “bidding war,” similar to an auction, with other potential buyers. In such a case, it’s important to know your price limit, the types of properties you’re approved for, and the terms of your loan beforehand. It’s important to have all of this knowledge before you go to battle for your desired property.

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What’s Next

Six months before the end of the mortgage term, we’ll start the search process again. This is a great opportunity to find a lender who will give you the best rates, terms, and conditions. It likely won’t be the same lender you started with. This time, the process is much simpler and easier on you. Based on our experience, it’s worthwhile to spend the time organizing your documents – this bit of preparation can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars.

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