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Jacob and Rinat of Sneg Mortgage Team. Together we have accumulated experience of more than 30 years in mortgages and are known to proactively use market conditions to our clients’ benefit.

With 330 testimonials on Google, coming from all provinces in Canada, you’ll feel confident that you are in expert and caring hands. We will start with taking your data, analyzing it, listening to your needs for the short and long term and looking for a product that will be perfectly tailored to you. Then we will let you know how much you can be approved for and get you the best mortgage to meet your goals and secure your family.

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    About Our Clients

    Our clients come from all nationalities, communities and cities in Canada. Most our clients come to us by word of mouth. Recently people have started finding us online, after reading hundreds of our 5 star Google reviews.
    Working across Canada with diverse population we can say 3 things:

    1. We are fortunate to have fantastic clients that are loyal to us and understand that our value to them is much more than a nice rate
    2. 95% of our clients chose to work with us although they can get the best rates with their own bank. They are AAA clients and appreciate our contribution in growing their wealth
    3. Our clients trust us with their friends and family and refer them to us. They also are very generous with their insights and knowledge and share their investment success. We, in return, spread the accumulated knowledge and investment opportunities with our clients’ community.

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    Best Mortgage brokers in Vancouver
    Vadym Blokhin
    Vadym Blokhin
    I really enjoyed dealing with Jacob. We were captivated by his professionalism and punctuality to the highest degree. On the other hand, his polite, caring and respectful attitude towards the client is admirable. And most importantly, he also has the best mortgage interest in Canada! Thank you Jacob! I highly recommend to everyone.
    Sarah Hamid-Balma
    Sarah Hamid-Balma
    Thorough, highly competent mortgage advice!
    Tal Tzafriri
    Tal Tzafriri
    We enjoyed working with both Jacob and Rinat from Sneg mortgage team on both our initial mortgage and refinancing. They are very kind, professional and always available for every question and/or concern.
    Michael Tan
    Michael Tan
    I had an excellent experience working with Sneg Mortgage. My broker, Rona, was very quick to respond to any question and attended to all my needs. As a first time home buyer, I felt comfortable and worry-free throughout the whole process. They provided me with timely updates and made every effort to accommodate my situation. Overall, customer service was simply impeccable. I will definitely look to them again for my future mortgage requirements.
    Tanya and Bastiaan
    Tanya and Bastiaan
    Update 2023! Another fantastic experience working with Sneg Mortgage Team 6 years after our previous 5 Star Review. Originally posted 6 years ago: Our family is very grateful to have had the assistance of Sneg Mortgage Team in securing us a mortgage for our new home. Thank you Jacob!
    Alex Reicher
    Alex Reicher
    Jacob goes the extra mile to find the best deal, but more importantly, he understood my specific needs and recommended a strategy to match, which helped me save money. Warmly recommended!
    Blyakher Alex
    Blyakher Alex
    Ive had the pleasure of working with Jacob for our recent home purchase. He was patient in answering all my questions and explaining everything I asked, but the most important thing was he got me significantly better rate than the competitive bank, for the same length and term of mortgage. I will definitely use him for my future home purchases and advise others to do so as well.
    ron shmuely
    ron shmuely
    Jacob and his team are absolutely professional, they helped us get a mortgage on terms and at a lower interest rate comparing to the general canadian average. We will obviously choose them again and again when buying our next properties
    Ohad Gavrieli
    Ohad Gavrieli
    Jacob was knowledgeable and professional and provided valuable advice in this uncertain market.
    Petr Arutyunov
    Petr Arutyunov
    This is the team that i will from now on use no matter what. They were able to make miracles happen and to this day of the most professioanl and reliable team that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If you are looking, stop and go with the Sneg Mortgage team they are amaizing!

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