House Prices In Vancouver

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House Prices In Vancouver

House prices in Vancouver constantly go up. In the last year and a half the East side of the city took turn and rose in value. Same time Toronto experienced price hikes that broke the record.
The high housing price makes it hard to purchase a decent house in the above cities. on top of it, some of the million dollars houses in Vancouver are too old, in their original state, hence, never been updated, and need extensive renovations of hundred thousands of dollars in order to become liveable.

The map below shows the value of real-estate in its bare state. How much does it cost to purchase a piece
of land in a Vancouver’s neighborhood with no house on it. You’ll be surprised to see that you are expected to pay no less than 2 million dollars for a land in most parts of the city.
You are welcome to scroll through the map and look for affordable choices

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