A Quick Question About Realtors

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A Quick Question About Realtors

Saturday 9 am – Relator question has been sent

A few weeks ago, we sent my clients and my realtors, as well as a circle of professional partners, a quick question asking them for their choice of realtor. The email went out to a limited list of 890 people out of the thousand in our database. The response was overwhelming: By 10 am, Saturday morning, I had more than 180 emails inquiring and recommending realtors. On Sunday the next day, we had exchanged more than 2000 emails discussing experiences with great realtors.

Realtors say: Me! (of course)

The response from the realtors on the database was immediate. Most of the realtors indicated that they will use themselves, of course. Some of the realtors mentioned that they prefer to list their own house with the help of a realtor friend because that way they usually achieve better, emotion-free results.

Some of the realtors asked me why I am asking and if it was a prank. I explained the purpose and promised that if their name was mentioned by my clients, I would share that with them. Later that week I called several realtors to advise them they got great reviews from our mutual clients. It was a strong testimonial that we do have a fantastic circle of realtors serving our client’s needs.

Why are you asking me about my preferred realtor?

This question came not only from realtors, but from many of our clients. Some assumed we are in the process of selling and buying our own properties and needed some recommendation about realtors. To those: as you know we LOVE real -estate, we believe that this is the way to build the family’s wealth, and yes, we are always in the process of doing something in that field – but this time this was not the reason for our reaching out.

The conversation that we developed with those who asked us “why” was meaningful. We shared that we are interested in getting to know more good realtors in our industry, and there is no better way for us other than getting a first-hand recommendation from our clients who already built trust with their realtor.

Realtor survey results

Our short question resulted with getting 103 names of great realtors in BC’s Lower Mainland, Kelowna, Vancouver Island, Toronto, Halifax, Saint John and Calgary. Some of them are realtors we already work with and share mutual very happy clients.

Saying that, most of the realtor’s names we received from our clients, were not known to us. We are so happy about that! Now we are taking the time to introduce ourselves and get to know your recommended realtors. We are sharing our vision, beliefs, and ethics to see who of this list of trusted realtors would be a good fit for us and would serve our clients in the best way possible.

What’s in it for you?

Accumulating knowledge about good professionals in the industry, especially realtors, and updating our data about the best places to buy now, was aimed to serve our clients. Adding Canada-wide realtors who specialize in certain pockets and specific types of properties is a bonus. On top of this, to all those who answered our question with: “I do not have an idea, do you have a good realtor for us in our area?” we can say: “Thanks to you, we definitely do!”

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